PhD theses

My current collection of (paper) PhD theses:

Anita Botterweck – Diet And Risk Of Stomach Cancer
Anneke M.W. Bulk-Bunschoten – Feeding Practices In The Netherlands During The First Four Months Of Life
Asja Szafraniec – Beckett, Derrida And The Event Of Literature
B.F.M. Slangen – Hemodynamic And Volume Adaptation To Pregnancy
Bart Scholtissen – Serotonin And Parkinson
B.M. Machiels – Differential Expression Of Nuclear Lamins In Normal And Diseased Human Cells
Chander Mahabier – Pre- And Intraoperative Gut Irrigation And Antibiotics In Colorectal Surgery
Enoch Herman Maria Hartman – Prefabricated Flaps For Bone Reconstructive Surgery
Etienne Rouwette – Group Model Building As Mutual Persuasion
Geert J.P.A. Koene – HLA Expression In HNSCC. A Profile To Escape?
Gerhard De Koning Gans – Outsmarting Smart Cards
Gerrit J. Noordergraaf – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Are Two Hands (really) Enough?
Henk Struyker Boudier – Speurtocht Naar Een Onbekende
J. Hermans – Optical Analysis Of Structural And Electronic Properties Of II-VI Heterostructures
J.A. Van De Konijnenberg – Spin-up In Non-Axisymmetric Containers
J.G. De Weger – The Grazing Bifurcation And Chaos Control
J.M.M. Bloem – Loyaliteit En Tevredenheid
Janneke Harting – Individual Lifestyle Advice: Development, Implementation And Evaluation Within The Heartbeat Limburg Cardiovascular Prevention Project
K.M.L. Nelissen – Haemodynamics During Haemodialysis
Koen Peeters – Quality Assurance In Surgical Oncology
Mike Gerards – Unraveling Genetic Defects And Pathophysiological Mechanisms In OXPHOS Disease
Nicole Y.P. Souren – Genetic Analyses Of Type 2 Diabetes Related Metabolic Risk Factors: A Twin Study
Odin Dekkers – J.M. Robertson: Rationalist And Literary Critic
Paul Smits – Coffee And Blood Pressure – A Pharmacological Study On The Circulatory Effects Of Coffee And Caffeine
Ralph Kupka – Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder
Ralph Savelsberg – Experiments On Free-Surface Turbulence
Rob Dekkers – Non-metallic Inclusions In Liquid Steel
Roland B. Wetzels – Neuropsychiatric Symptoms In Institutionalized Residents With Dementia
Sara Jahfari – Networks Of Action Control
Suze Jans – Screening For Anaemia And Haemoglobinopathy Before And During Pregnancy